Over the last few weeks I have watched our fantastic client base begin one hell of a return to work. In fact, I have seen a lot of construction projects across the board open up in a spectaular fashion; the same as I am sure many of you have on your commmutes to work or drives to the supermarket.

While it isn't all dandy and things are still extremely challenging, as the weeks continue to go forward, I think we can all be confident that the construction sector is extremely adaptable and resilliant. On a breakfast meeting this morning with Gregg Latchams, the conversation was very much about the positivity around the build sector. Plenty of builders begin to return to work and the adaptive, forward thinking attitudes of everyone in the industry; from trades to management; have really shown their true colours during these testing times.

We've seen some of our large shopfit customers ramp up their projects with labour, student accomodation developers push programmes forward and have began to a see a steady uptake in education work again. Lots of contractors we are speaking to every day all seem confident in their future. Job opportunies seem to be making a steady increase - with new opportunities becoming available every day. Tenders are still flying around, upcoming projects are being confirmed and it does not seem like there has been a sudden holt on the entire construction industry.

For those who haven't seen such a sudden change in workflow, I urge you to look at other opportunties than just your existing client base. There is no doubt that sadly some contractors will see a shortage of work with sectors such a hospitality likely to reduce their spend over the next few month especially - but that doesn't mean you should suddenly stop. We are one extremely adaptive industry; there is plently of transferable skills and just because you might have always fitted out gyms does not mean you cannot successfully complete a hospital project. 

As demand increases across construction but still some uncertainty exists in the market - especially around hiring commitments, we are going to see a steady uptake in temporary labour demands from all sizes of contractors. So if you haven't considered using a recruiter before, now might be your time. 

Forget the bad press. Forget the persona with the industry. There are plenty of genuine brilliant recruiters who work specifically with construction companies. We can help you scale up in a safe and controlled manner. Subbies or agency contractors typically might cost a little more, but the flexibility of workforce will help you have a bit of confidence in the next steps through the next few months of questionable but no doubt exciting times.

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