Darcy Associates Do Tough Mudder For The Lighthouse Club Charity!


Since I started working for Darcy Associates in September, one of my priorities was to find a way we can give back. As it has been something everyone at Darcy Associates have been wanting to do for a long time, but because work as been so busy it is hard to find the time. After doing a lot of research and talking to the team about different charities and fundraising ideas. We have finally signed ourselves up to do 5K Tough Mudder in June 2020 raising money for The Lighthouse Club Charity. This is a big challange for most of us as we haven't done anything like this before. But we are taking it very seriously and knowing it is all for a good cause is a huge motivation for us all.

We have chosen to support The Lighthouse Club Charity as they provide support for people witin the construction industry. At Darcy, we care about our clients and our candidates and we constantly want to provide as much help and support as we can. We tought this would be a perfect charity that give back not only to people who work/have worked with us. But other people within the construction industry.

A lot of people, especially in the construction industry, don't like to admit they're struggling. The charity provide a confidential 24/7 helpline to the construction industry workforce and their families where they:

  1. Give advice and support on occupational health and mental wellbeing.

  2. Provide support on legal, tax and dept management matters.

  3. Support education and training.

  4. Help people who have had an illness or injury to retrain within the industry to get people back working.

  5. Helps improve health and safety on worksites.

These are 5 small points of some of the great things everyone at The Lighthouse Club Charity provide people within the construction industry. The reason why we have decided to do Tough Mudder is because we wanted to challenge ourselves, and feel like we are working hard which gives people a reason to donate and support us and the charity. We are all in an office sat down most of the day, it has given us a boost to get up and be more active.