Know Yourself & Listen To Your Heart

Knowing Yourself

Permanent, Temporary, Contract...

People have always described me as 'so laid back, I am nearly led down'. I put this down to me not taking life to seriously and having a work-life balance that allows me to enjoy the things I love doing the most.

You always have to make big decisions in life. There is no doubt life will become stressful at times but it is the way you deal with it that shapes you.

Everyone should have something that they go to do to relax. I am lucky enough to have multiple. I enjoy playing golf, carp fishing and watching football.

Looking at all the above you may think - how are they relaxing. The truth is, they're not...
I'm certainly not the best at golf. Bristol City lose matches and there are plenty of times I catch nothing at all when fishing. Not relaxing at all.

But, the real beauty of having these things to do is:

  1. I enjoy them (most of the time)
  2. They give you great moments you will never forget
  3. They allow you to take your mind away from other things that may be affecting you.
I used to work at a local leisure centre. Working unsociable hours with little accesible career progression. The people were great and it was a tough decision to leave and start a new career here at Darcy Associates. However, when I sat down and weighed up the benefit of leaving - I noticed how unhappy the job was really making me. I loved my colleagues at the leisure centre and it was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. I would like to call myself a people pleaser and I don't like the thought of people thinking bad of me or me letting people down.

In a world where everything happens so fast and everyone is worried about what other people think, you sometimes have to think about yourself and the people who matter most to you. In this case of me switching jobs, this was the best way for me to get more of the time that I cherished and to have a more structured work life rather than what the shift work allowed me to.

I now have more time to spend with my family and friends and to do the things that make me happy. Even if these hobbies can be stressful at times.

Life is too short to worry about things that sometimes don't matter too much. Keep your head down, work hard and value the time you get to do the things you enjoy. Know yourself & listen to your heart.