Why Golf and Recruitment are the Same


“Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – But you have to play the ball where it lies.” Bobby Jones

There is so much theory behind having the perfect round of golf and everyone is striving to walk off the course ready to have a drink in the clubhouse and say that was the perfect round – this rarely, if ever happens.

It is the same as when the 6am alarm goes off ready for a day in recruitment. So many thoughts run through your head, such as I have this starter today – will they be on site? I have the perfect candidate (who I have spent four weeks finding) – will they go to interview?

Then there is the thought of the untapped potential business out there in the world. I have made some brilliant progress with this client and will this be the day that they finally give me a chance to highlight my skillset and start working with them?

Now let me take you back to the golf course – again it’s an early start and the alarm wakes you up at 6am. You look outside, check the weather app on your phone – you are thinking it’s a South Westerly wind and with this thought in mind I know this is your day, the round then unfolds in your head. You have a shower, put your favourite outfit on, grab a bite to eat, say bye to the wife who is wrapped up warm in bed.

Then you divert the smell of coffee, bacon rolls and head straight to the range. Again, like recruitment this is the planning that goes on behind the scenes in the weeks of your biggest billings. You then step in the office and plan your day out thinking I going to get a booking of this client and this candidate will call me saying his assignment has been extended by four weeks.

Now the preparation has all taken place it is you against the golf course, you feel totally prepared and ready for the perfect round. However, your first tee shots goes a little left, doesn’t seem too bad but you are against a tree and the only option is a chip out sideways. You then play the shot of your life to three feet, hole the putt for a beautiful par.

It is just like that all-important call to the client when you are thinking this is the one that will change my desk, then their hiring manager mentions they have scrapped their recruitment plans in the back of your mind you are thinking I have the perfect candidate for you. You pitch this to the client and they say we just haven’t got the budget. So, you revert back to I’ll keep in touch and do call me when you have the requirements.

In both golf and recruitment, you definitely have to take the rough with the smooth. However, if you put the effort into both golf and recruitment you will definitely see the rewards.