What's scaring the younger generation from Construction?

Younger Generation in Construction

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According to the construction index the UK construction workforce is ageing: ‘Between 1991 and 2011 there was a 13% increase in the numbers of construction workers aged 45 years and over. However non-UK nationals are younger – only 18% are over 45, while 47% of native UK construction workers are over 45 years old.'

So the question is - what is so unattractive about working in the construction industry as a young person in the UK? Is it the case that we have simply lacked education to the younger generations about construction?

Here we have an abundance of labourers registering with us daily. This number is increasing day by day. It is the case across the whole of the UK – From Cornwall to the top of Scotland. Why is this the case? Why aren’t more varied trades registering in their droves?

Are there enough apprenticeship schemes across all trades in the industry? Popular trades such as Electricians and Plumbers seem to be well catered for with a vast number of schemes available from when people leave school. This is not the case with what is deemed to be "less attractive jobs" such as 360 Operators or Bricklayers. But are they "less attractive" as people are left to believe. We believe not. 

Did you know over the last year - we have seen the largest increase in pay rates for the more niche trades like Bricklaying. 
Just check out this article in the Sun that was posted earlier this year: https://goo.gl/iizbH1
Up to £90K. Fantastic.

With the touchy subject of Brexit, how can we bridge this gap if according to statistics - most of our younger workforce is coming from non-UK nationals. We need to be attracting more young people into this sector!

Construction is a stable career and this should be appealing as there will always be jobs available. Domestic and Commercial builds are being planned and built every single day.

What is the heavily funded CITB doing to attract people into the younger generation? We don't think much. Are we targeting the youth in schools? Are we talking about the varied job prospects in construction? Are we letting people know about the earning potential? We need to be securing the future of our industry.

Sean Rice, Resourcer at Darcy Associates is working hard by registering as many Under 30s as possible. Attracting talent is always a challenge but by remaining transparent, honest and approachable - we are setting a new image for the recruitment sector and giving the younger generation opportunities.

Darcy Associates is a young business that is always looking to lead the market. We advertise through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Social Media is an excellent platform for the younger generation to find job opportunities.

Experience and qualifications come with time and effort - you really do have to be in it to win it. Pick up the phone and talk to our extremely knowledgeable consultants. We can help you start your construction career today!

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