We are different from the rest… but why?

Being Different Work

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I can hazard a guess that if you’re a tradesperson or a construction company, you’ve probably had some dealings with agencies in the past. You may have heard the phrase from some agencies that they are different from the rest. It’s very well believed that all agencies are the same, and it’s all about pulling out every trick in the book to get a sell. But we believe that’s not always true. There are many brilliant agencies out there – and we try extremely hard to be one of them.

Ask any one of my colleagues in the office what motivates, and it may surprise you. Anyone who tells you that recruitment isn’t about earning money wouldn’t be telling the truth. It’s a business and a career – who works for free? But making money honestly and ethically is extremely important and one of the reasons why Darcy Associates is such a fantastic place to work. Valuing the people who work for us and ensuring our clients get exactly the skills and knowledge they are after is truly at the utmost importance to us all. In fact, it’s what helps us build long term relationships.

So what else makes us different? Why do we proclaim to be the ones to stand out in this industry? It’s all about attitude – we’re not the kind of guys to hound you with the ‘hard sell’ or shoe horn anyone into a job that we wouldn’t do ourselves (and believe me, we’ve got our hands dirty many of a time for our clients). Passion goes a long way in this job and we have it in abundance. I, myself for example, have an enthusiasm when speaking to candidates on a daily basis. I come to work and ensure that everyone I speak with feels confident and enthusiastic about the opportunities I am able to provide.

Some of the key areas I think make us stand out from the crowd are –

Transparency – We are as open as they come. We don’t lie about site durations. We don’t make up information that quite frankly isn’t true. We close our job adverts as soon as we fill them (no CV collecting here). This transparency is for our clients too. We tell them the market rates, tell them our candidates’ skills and work collaboratively with them to get the best solution.

Knowledge – Each one of us at Darcy go above and beyond to learn everything we can about this industry. The courses that we provide to our candidates and clients – we’ve completed them ourselves! It’s important to put ourselves in the shoes of those on-site so that we can understand the reality of working on-site.

Pride – Myself and all of my colleagues are extremely proud of the relationships we have been able to build with our clients and candidates. It really sets us apart. Nothing makes us happier than being able to make a difference to someone’s day.

I have worked for a few agencies over the years and I can tell you that working at Darcy is a breath of fresh air. Everyone is treated as an equal, from the bottom to the top. We are all like-minded, energetic people who love to work hard and make a difference. I believe this really reflects on the standard of service we provide.

Why not give us a try?